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Rohan Standox Autolack
Easy and fast cleaning is provided by the unique and instant 1/4 turn air cap and fluid tip removal system (“Quick’Up” patented).
Patented “Bellows” assembly protects and reduces spray gun maintenance.
Completely New air cap range for higher transfer efficiency and durability.
Long life with extended serviceability.
Stainless Steel (hardened) and Tungsten Carbide Fluid tips and needles.
VIPER - The automatic spray gun for the Glaze and Ceramics industries.
DeVilbiss VIPER, purpose made for the tough working conditions in the Glaze & Ceramics industries. The automatic spray gun uses the latest advances in atomising technology to provide customers with a cost effective air atomising automatic spray gun with many unique features and benefits.
We represent Binks   DeVilBISS   Ransburg