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Rohan Standox Autolack
A compact compressed air Regulator, Filter and Coalescer unit suitable for 1 or 2 operators. The unit is suitable for use with the Respiratory Personal Equipment such as the Devilbiss Air Visor and Half Masks kits.
Filter - Incoming air is rotated by a centrifuge unit to remove the heaviest liquid and solid particles. The remaining solid particles are collected by porous bronze filter to 5μm. The accumulated liquid can be drained using the plug in the base of the bowl.
Regulator - This allows the input pressure to be reduced to a stable output pressure following initial filtering
Coalescer - This removes the smallest amounts of liquids and solids down to 0.01μm. The liquid droplets are captured on micro fibres, these form large droplets and collect in the bowl which can be drained using the plug at the base of the bowl.
Activated Carbon: This element filters in a similar way to the Coalescer, but will remove oil carry over to 0.003 ppm
Shut of valves - Each of the 3 outlets can be isolated independantly.
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