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Rohan Standox Autolack
Genuinely high air flows for conventional and compliant spray guns.
Compact yet robust construction for bodyshop booth duty.
Rolling diaphragm gives rapid response and sensitive air pressure control.
Tamperproof, removeable and lockable air pressure control knobs.
All air outlets feature ball valves for individual control.
All units have semi-automatic drain.
The guage is calibrated in 0-116 PSI and 0-8 Bar.
Provides air filtered to 5 micron.
Air flow of 90 CFM (2550 L/Min).
Suitable for use in booth/oven up to 100C (212F).
Three ball valve controlled outlet
Compressed air is the lifeblood of every sprayshop and its effective management is vital to operator safety, efficiency and maintaining ultimate finish quality. The DeVilbiss DVFR range of air filter regulators and coalescers are manufactured using super resistant technopolymer materials used in the construction of the filter bodies ensuring total solvent resistance, while the state of the art rolling diaphragm technology ensures optimum air flow and precision control.
This high capacity, 90 cfm, three outlet unit has been designed for use in and around the spray booth. Constructed using leading edge techno-polymer materials, the DeVilbiss DVFR-1 is resistant to solvents.
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