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Rohan Standox Autolack
Think Smart, as for your performance as for the environment.
The unit combines conventional electrical hardware to achieve optimum operating performance at a lower cost. Running costs are much lower than compressed air driven model.
Used with an optional smart card, high savings in running cost can be realized, by delivering the paint to the user point at the correct pressure and volume only when needed.
The SMART pump range use a standard electric motor to drive the fluid section for pumping paints, solvent and other suitable materials, reducing paint shear thanks to a cam and cam followers combined with a sliding carriage unit.
Features & Benifits
  • Stainless steel fluid sections ideal for waterborne, solvent based, xirallic and hardeners materials
  • True useable flow rate up to 60 liters/min (E4-60)
  • Maximum volume achieved at 40 cycles per minutes
  • Equal thrust on each stroke gives constant flow and pressure with the special cam profile thus reducing fluid pressure fluctuations to a minimum
  • Reciprocating drive – achieved by a rotating constant velocity cam and a sliding carriage mechanism
  • 2 or 4 piston construction
  • Adjusted operating speed – AC frequency inverter between 20 and 80 Hz – can be controlled within the working range either manually or automatically
  • Minimal pulsation at pump stroke change over (no surge chamber required)
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