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Rohan Standox Autolack
Featuring two Binks HP Raptor 2, 32:1 Stainless steel pump’s, fully assembled and complete with hoses and Binks AA4000 (AAA/HVLP) or Airless 1 Spray Guns.
Binks Raptor2 spray outfits are build around the world renowned HP pump line, two 32:1 pumps are available with 4 or 10 L.P.M. output (max) with self adjusting packings to reduce the need for costly maintenance and downtime, the fluid sections are constructed from quality stainless steel for best fluid compatibility whist providing a long working life. Raptor2 is supplied with “three stage” fluid filtration for reduced tip blockages another feature to reduce production downtime!
Features & Benifits
  • Improves your Finish Quality and saves up to 35% coating material*
  • 5 Year Warranty – Workmanship & Materials
  • 32:1 Ratio St St Pumps with 4 or 10 litres per minute fluid output (max)
  • Self adjusting pump packing’s – reduced maintenance
  • Stainless Steel Fluid section for Waterborne & Solvent based materials
  • Three fluid filters to reduce tip blockages and increase production throughput
  • Manufactured to ISO9000, CE Marked & fully ATEX approved.
    * = Compared to conventional spray methods.
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