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Rohan Standox Autolack
For an efficient and environmentally friendly Paint Circuit
The Maple Pump is a horizontal piston pump for pumping Solvent / Waterborne Paints, Solvents and other suitable materials. The unit combines an energy efficient air motor with low shear fluid section technology from the range of Smart Electric Pumps to ensure balanced fluid pressure output and a minimum of fluid pressure fluctuations.
The Maple Pump achieves a reciprocating drive by using ground steel spool and sleeve air valves to control the air motor reversal, providing reciprocating motion. The patented air valve design ensures a positive magnetic detent for the main and pilot air valves thus removing the possibility for a stall condition. The air motor also utilizes the patented Binks Low Ice quick exhaust technology to prevent air valve freezing conditions when high cycle speeds are employed.
Features & Benifits
  • High Quality materials and surface treatments are used in the construction to ensure extended operational life.
  • Stainless steel fluid sections ideal for waterborne, solvent based, xirallic and hardeners materials.
  • Equal Thrust on both pistons gives equal flow and pressure for both strokes.
  • Fluid Seal - Lubricated by paint on both sides, increases life.
  • Bellows Seal - no exposed shaft seal reducing the need for maintenance and lubrication of shaft packing.
  • Tungsten carbide ball seats & ceramic coated pistons – Ensure maximum operating life between servicing.
  • Low Ice Air Motor - using quick exhaust technology (Patented design) to remove risk of valve icing. Air Motor is also lubricant free.
  • Control Valve - Metal spool and sleeve for long life, incorporating magnetic detent to eliminate stall condition (patented design)
  • Sanitary inlet and outlet connections guarantee a smooth internal pipe connection without paint entrapment pockets.
  • Stroke Counter Port option to monitor life cycle data.
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